People with a strong spiritual bent usually find me one way or another.

If you have a desire to grow, understand yourself, and find answers to life’s bigger questions of meaning and purpose, you have found the right place.

Both jyotish and counseling serve to help people understand their karmas and their psychology so that they can best work with themselves to heal and evolve, and answer the questions: “Why am I here?” and “How can I best live my life?” 

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The Work

For more than 20 years I have followed spiritual practices and teachings, and since 1999 I have worked as an astrologer and counselor with people on the path. In 2016, I obtained my masters in consciousness-based counseling. I use a combination of therapies, new and old, including Vedic astrology, psychotherapy and shamanic techniques for cleansing and healing the astral body to help a person integrate their inner and outer experience for healthy functioning. The work can be done as a single session or as ongoing therapy. A single session is usually an astrology reading or an astral body healing or both. Ongoing counseling integrates these modalities with Western psychotherapy.



 Alison Bodhani started college at the age of sixteen at Simonâ's Rock of Bard College in Great Barrington, Massachusetts and has a masters in counseling from Southwestern College in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She began studying Vedic Astrology in 1998 with masters of the subject, chiefly Hart de Fouw and Narendra Desai. She has also studied and practiced complementary healing and consciousness expanding traditions including ayurveda, yoga, and shamanism and uses them all to create unique sessions for her clients. She is the author of 2 e-books on Jyotish: Special Topics in Vedic Astrology I and II. She has practiced since 1999 and has taught for the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, NM as well as for various other organizations. 


The Essence of Counseling

 In order to achieve wellness we must heal our bodies, our minds and our roots. 

Much of how we live is driven by the mind, by its memories and emotions, which generate our habitual ways of responding to life. 

When we deeply engage with emotion and memory we open a portal to rapid transformation of both that allow us to build a wider range of more adaptive responses to life.  

The Art and Science of Jyotisha

As humans it is both our right and responsibility to understand and communicate with the larger forces at work in our lives so that we may align with them, modify them and perform right action. 

The deep and ancient roots of the system of seeing that is jyotish are part of the unitary banyan tree of primordial Indian wisdom concerning human affairs and those of the larger cosmos. 

The written fountainhead of Indian knowledge are the four compendiums known as the Vedas. Veda is a word that means knowledge. The Vedas, being somewhat abstruse for mortal men, are accompanied by the Vedangas, the limbs of the Veda that make understanding it more easily accomplished. There are six limbs to the Veda. Of those limbs, jyotish, is regarded as the eyes. It allows you to see the workings of time, place and circumstance and to understand what has happened, what will happen, when, to whom, why and how and in some cases, to be able to work effectively to modify the currents of destiny, both personal and planetary, so that they run more favorably for self and other. It also allows you to understand types of cosmic energy and when they are most available to aid the human endeavors they most easily support. jyotish, when well practiced, is a thorough analysis of an individual mind and its karmic field, how the two intersect, and what can be meaningfully enacted to diminish unnecessary suffering. 


Menu / Price List

When submitting payment for an initial astrological consultation, please use the contact form below with the following info in the message: Your birthday, date, exact time, and the primary questions you have



Thank you for a profound, healing, wild experience. It was so incredibly good to be with you. I truly love you. I do. Thank you.


Alison, thanks for talking with me. You are so skilled at helping me through this, putting life in perspective, and encouraging me in all ways that I need encouragement.


“Alison Bodhani had a depth of understanding to my motives, aspirations, fears and desires that even my closest friends had not approached during years of acquaintance. The work Alison did for me gave me tremendous insights to the major forces in my personality, and I feel has helped me to better navigate my personal voyage. I unreservedly recommend her work.”


"I just wanted to say thank you so much for a wonderful reading of my astrological chart. I am filled with a sense of awe and amazement at the accuracy of mine and my husband's profiles. I now have a great sense of confidence for the future having a "heads up" to the coming events. As for the past and present, your knowledge of jyotish give you the incredible gifts of insight and wisdom. It was such a blessing to share my world with you for you really understood what was going on in ways that no one else could. It broadened my understanding and helped me see things in ways I would not have otherwise. I really have no words to describe the peace it has brought to my soul."


"Alison is beyond a doubt one of the brightest people I have ever met in my life. Her academic and life-learning background have been rich, challenging, and diverse, These experiences leave her with a truly great knowledge base, earned equally from academics, life experience/traveling, and from the university of hard knocks. More importantly, she has cultivated (and/or simply been gifted with) a capacity to transmute that knowledge into wisdom, a transcendent consciousness, and practical, helpful guidance and action in the service of others. A very extraordinary woman."

JN, Ph.D

"Alison’s high intelligence is matched with diligence and strong work ethic; as such, she is able to address multiple and challenging tasks with organization and insight. She is both principled and morally sound, and she possesses genuine empathy that she expresses in a respectful manner. She is highly intuitive, and is both sensitive and responsive to the needs of others. Her wealth of knowledge in regards to health and well-being is coupled with a deeply compassionate nature which leaves her uniquely poised to be outstanding in service to those in need. She is a socially gifted person who fosters hope and resilience in those around her. And, her gifts are married with deep humility and elegance that makes her someone I respect, trust and admire."


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